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Google One comes with its own VPN in selected plans

Now a days online privacy is utmost importance. Most of the people turn to VPN to help protect their data from prying eyes. Firefox and Opera has got one each and now Google is also offering a free VPN to the members of it’s Google One subscription plans.

The brand new VPN by Google One has been added on plans with 2TB or more storage and it is right into the google One app that was released in the year 2018. it encrypts all of your device’s traffic so that the outside sources can not decipher what you are upto online. If you share you plan with your family members they will also get access to VPN as well if they are using Android devices.

Google One app also offers a free phone backups which means Google is making it irresistible to its users. This VPN is very easy and useful especially because it is very easy to enable. Google has got a free VPN service that will come in action when you connect to a public WiFi networks if the WiFi Assistant feature is enabled on your Android device but the VPN included in Google One app is pretty much visible. This new VPN will be available in US in next few weeks through Google One app on Android and it will expand in other countries gradually. It will also be expanded to other platforms like Windows, iOS and Mac later. You can make your own VPN in less than half an hour if you are not playing for premium Google One plan.

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