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Google plans Apple-like crackdown for in-app purchases

Google is planning for a possible crackdown on in-app purchases for the apps distributed via the Play Store. Google is asking the developers to give the company a cut of in-app purchases but it has not enforced that rules for the big names like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify who allow for the billing and purchases in their apps separately from the required system of Google. Now according to Bloomberg the day of reckoning is very near and Google is going to update the guidelines probably next week for further clarifying the billing needs ahead of the enforcement.

Google has a very strong double standard when it comes to the developer support by giving the big names an easy time as well as a wide berth while it enforces the rules in smaller and independent developers more aggressively. Developers who are not in compliance will be given a time before the new rules are enforced strictly.

Apple has the similar rules for its App Store and it is much more aggressive about the enforcement right from the start. That is why apps like Kindle on the App Store can not allow you to purchase the books from app itself and Netflix and Spotify will not allow you to sign up directly from their iPhone apps.

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